Wenger Company came into existence in the year 1893, when Paul Boechat found the company Paul Boechat and Cie, a knife factory in Courtetelle. Since then they have a history of manufacturing and achieving excellence in many products. In 1895, another group of Delsberg takes over the company and renamed it as Fabrique Swiss de Coutellerie S.A. In 1898 Theo Wenger became the director and after purchasing Basler, the merged company renamed as Schweizer besleckfabrik and company operations were moved to Delsberg.


In 1907, Theo Wenger became the owner of the company and renamed the company as Wenger and company SA. In 1908, Wenger was chosen as supplier of knife for Swiss Army, since then the Wenger watches also contains the term SWISS ARMY" on the various models of watches supplied by Wenger. After 14 years in 1922 Kasper Oeretti purchased majority equity holding and renamed the company as Wenger SA. After twenty-five years Max Oertli takes over the management of the company. In 1988, Wenger watch collection is launched and in the year 2003, Wenger launches the Swiss Business Tools globally.

Classical Models of Wenger Wrist watches:
Some of the classical watch models of Wenger includes Aerograph day date, Alpine 2-eye day date, Alpine Swiss Rallye limited edition, aqua graph deep diver for male and Commando chrono, escort, and Alpenrose for females. All these watches are available from a range of $ 150 to $ 500 in the market.

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