Calendar Adjustment

The calendar should not be adjusted from 9pm to 2am. At midnight, the calendar will change automatically to the next day and this function is active till 2am.If you make any adjustments during this period, it will affect the components of the watch, causing dysfunction.

Watches have 2 cell calendar and should not be adjusted counter clockwise.


Water droplets inside watch

Place a piece of fabric to over the watch. Then, leave the watch 5-10cm under a 40W bulb w for 30 minutes. The water will evaporate which will be absorbed by the fabric.

Band preservation

Metal bands: Metal bands tend to get dirty after long periods of time. To give it a good clean from time to time, heat water to 500C, add a little dishwashing liquid and add the detached band into the liquid. Leave for 5 minutes. You can use a tissue or damp cloth to get to those hard to reach places to remove any leftover dirt. Rinse again in plain warm water and wipe dry. Remember, do not soak the whole watch within the solution but only the metal band itself


Leather Straps: Do not let leather straps come in frequent contact with water, as this will cause the leather to deteriorate. Leather bands must be left to air dry when worn for long periods of time. This will help any dampness from sweating to dry out and keep the strap free of odour or mould.

Change battery

It is important to change batteries every three years. Batteries should not be left in the watch once it stops working as the acid from the batteries may leak and cause damage to the internal functions of the watch.


- Use watches that are appropriate for each occasion or activity, for e.g. do not use a non-sports watch for sports and outdoor activities

- As much as possible, care must be taken to avoid dropping of watches.

- Do not expose watches to high temperatures (more than 600C) or low temperatures (under 00C)

- Never expose watches to magnetic fields

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