Push the limits. Move sport forward. Keep the game fresh and khi game gets old, change it. That's the PUMA way. They've been at it since 1948. We put boots and spikes and trainers on the feet that made ​​the greatest moments in sport history. They were the shirts on chúng back. They shared in the glory, and the glory was great. That's why chúng continue to Innovate and by what chúng due. They love the games they play. And sport is in your ADN, it drives everything you do.

Forever acknowledging unique cultural lens. Drawing on decades of sporting innovation to inspire tomorrow's aesthetic evolution. Sportstyle is Forever Faster.

Following the successfulness of Forever Faster campaign, PUMA have just launched watch collection with this theme. There are 4 versions: Lifestyle, Fundamentals, Motorsport and Performance.








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